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Ceramic button 

7/9 pln

Ceramic handmade buttons in two sizes. They come in red and metallic colors:

• The price is for 1 piece:ø 2 cm- 7 pln / ø 3 cm- 9 pln

• After clicking "add to cart" there is an option to choose the size of the button and color (selection from the list)- In the "cart" you can increase the number of pieces of a given item

Delivery time: 2-7 days


Ceramic button FLOWER- colorful flowers, as sweet and delightful as candy! Ceramic buttons handmade by me with attention to detail. Each batch of buttons is unique and special. Buttons created in Poland, in a Warsaw ceramic studio.

• Recommended handwashing of knitwear with ceramic buttons

• Each batch may vary in the shade of the glaze (I have no control over this), so I encourage you to purchase 1-2 more pieces just in case

• I put the buttons from one firing into stock. Once all pieces are bought out, new ones will appear with actual photos

• Buttons from one batch may vary slightly. They are handmade by me and will never be perfect and identical to each other

• If you have any questions and additional photos, feel free to write to me (on email or instagram), I will try to help :)


wysokość: 24 cm

średnica podstawy: 13,5 cm

średnica górna: 17,5 cm

waga: 2,2 kg

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