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In my store you will find cool accessories that will make your time with knitting more pleasant. The products are created with attention to detail out of passion for handicrafts!


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Minimalist design. The socks look fantastic on them. Convenient hook, so you canuse them (and store them) anywhere. What I love most about them - they are VERY comfortable to use!use them! When putting them on and taking them off, the socks don't hook or catch on anything, nothing disturbs the already thin yarn. I can't wait to have them in all sizes!



The blockers are brilliantly made.Black, minimalist and extremely photogenic. Using them is a pleasure, the sock glides smoothly on their surface, there is no way toabout any snagging! You can hang them anywhere, and thanks to their construction, the socks dry quickly. I waited a long time for them and it was worth it! As a sock knitting lover,

I can't imagine not having them.



Blockers from Natalia are simplicity, practicality and beauty in one! They are solidly made, give the socks the perfect shape and are eye-catching with their minimalist design. After buying the first pair, I immediately stocked up on the other sizes. Finally, I can enjoy beautifully blocked socks.

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