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Mini mini blocker

20/50/80 pln

The mini mini blocker is perfect as: a key ring, a mini Christmas tree ornament, a trinket that will make any person who likes to knit socks happy!

• It is possible to buy 1 pcs. / 3 pcs. / 5 pcs.

• Powder coated in black or pink (satin) color

• Simple shape makes it easy to put on and take off mini socks- nothing hooks or pulls on

• Blockers resistant to breaking, bending

• After clicking "add to cart" there is an option to choose a variant with the number of pieces (selection from the list)

Delivery time: 2-7 days


A proprietary product designed and manufactured in Poland, created to last for years. Here a mini mini version of standard blockers. It will work super well as a trinket for a larger gift, as a small decoration for the interior, as a small thing to emphasize passion :)

• Mini mini blocker should be good for blocking a sock for a newborn baby

 • Thanks to two holes, you can use a thread to fix the sock permanently so that it does not slip off

• Full handle at the top, designed to attach a string or metal pin


height: 75.00 mm

length of the blocker (at the point of the foot length): 60.00 mm

weight: 16 g

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18 April 2024