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Blockers vertical  M

160 pln

Metal blockers for blocking socks:

• 2 pcs included

• Powder coated in black (satin) color

• Simple shape makes it easy to put on and take off the sock - nothing hooks or snags

• Blockers resistant to breaking, bending

• Through free space the sock dries faster


Delivery time: 2-7 days


A proprietary product designed and manufactured in Poland, created to last for years. Thanks to the fact that the blockers have a hook, you can quietly hang them on the dryer, and keep them unused in the closet on a rod. 

• Vertical blockers are ideal for exposing the front and back of the sock. Ideal for people who have narrow feet

• They take up less space than standard blockers

• The upper's ribbing does not stretch out


Pictured are the "Homecoming Socks"  from the Amina Ali  pattern and the "Blush Ramblet Rose Socks" from the Ewa Jasionowska pattern


blocker length: 425.00 mm

weight of 2 pieces (pair): 325 g

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