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Blockers S pink

170 zł

Metal blockers for blocking socks:

• 2 pcs included

• Powder coated in pink (satin) color

• Simple shape makes it easy to put on and take off the sock - nothing hooks or snags

• Blockers resistant to breaking, bending

• Through free space the sock dries faster

Delivery time: 2-7 days


NEW! Pink blockers that will sweeten any hand-knitted pair of socks with their color.Author's product designed and manufactured in Poland, created to serve for years. Thanks to the fact that the blockers have a hook, you can quietly hang them on the dryer, and keep them unused in the closet on a rod. The top of the blocker is a little narrower than standard blockers, so that the welt and the top of the sock are not stretched to the limit.

Pictured are the jacquard "Home Coming Socks" from Amina Ali Handmade


blocker length (in place of the length of the foot): 220.00 mm

weight of 2 pieces (pair): 349 g

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